A Breakthrough Endoscopy – More Data, More Protection

Protecting your health is an important part of who you are. You embrace technology’s ability to dramatically improve healthcare. To go beyond what was, until now, considered possible. So it’s important that you understand how WATS3D can protect you from Esophageal Cancer – the fastest growing cancer in the US.

Simply put, WATS3D can help your doctor detect early-stage precancerous cells. These cells can then be removed or destroyed before they can turn into Esophageal Cancer and harm you.

There are 2 ways that WATS3Dis able to achieve these extraordinary life-saving results:

A larger sample

You may have already had an endoscopy or your doctor may have recommended that you have this procedure. During an endoscopy, samples of tissue are often collected to help rule out the presence of unhealthy cells.

In the past, the collection of these samples was often done in a random manner from a very limited area of the esophagus. (see diagram). WATS3D is an advanced procedure which can help doctors collect a sample from a much larger surface area to more effectively rule out the possibility of pre-cancerous disease. (see diagram).

WATS3D labs provide a more accurate diagnosis.

A larger sample size alone won’t help you if labs can’t analyze it all the information on the sample. Unfortunately, any lab which only uses a manual microscope won’t see all the information that sample has provided. Valuable information which can help your doctor rule out disease.

At a WATS3D laboratory, 3D imaging helps bring suspicious cells to the attention of expert pathologists.